Unlocking DeFi Potential: DexKit’s Contributions to 0xDAO, Polygon Studios, and Chainlink

Promoting partnerships

At DexKit, we specialize not only in designing and developing high-quality DeFi tools for digital entrepreneurs but also in contributing to other decentralized projects. This ensures our voice within the rapidly growing crypto community, which we have actively engaged with for the past two years. This article provides insights into how we have assisted and continue to support other projects, leading to increased exposure.

We are good friends of 0xDAO community and 0x project

Our esteemed lead developer, João Campos, is a respected member of the 0xDAO community, a position he earned through his exceptional contributions to the 0x ecosystem, surpassing the creation of DexKit as a personal project.

João recently made significant contributions to the development of NFT trading functionality within the 0x Protocol. This breakthrough enables direct NFT trading without relying on ERC20 tokens. It’s worth noting that this marks the first fully-functional NFT trading solution utilizing 0x v4 contracts.

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We also received valuable contributions from Polygon Studios😎

In our tireless pursuit of forging alliances with robust projects that instill confidence in our community, investors, and creators, our journey intertwined with Polygon Studios, an organization representing the core foundation of Polygon (a project born out of the necessity to scale Ethereum).

Polygon Studios has provided us with economic support and invaluable mentorship, enabling us to chart a solid path forward. Our growing community owes much to the innovative tools we have developed in conjunction with Polygon Studios.

Chainlink is our sheperd. We lack nothing using their oracle 🙏

Approximately a year ago, we ventured into the realm of blockchain gaming with Coin League, serving as a pioneering game with open-source code. This venture allowed us to enhance our dApp development skills while laying the groundwork for a prediction HUB encompassing other games currently in development.

To ensure effective real-time price delivery, free from manipulation or disruptions, we embraced Chainlink, the most efficient and popular decentralized Oracle service available. By doing so, we provided our players with the security that only blockchain-hosted games can offer.

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In addition to offering exceptional products for our development endeavors, Chainlink generously welcomed our team into their community of developers and Business Developer specialists. They have mentored us on creating and operating startups similar to ours. Without a doubt, encountering Chainlink has been a true blessing.

Supporting emerging projects and entrepreneurs is our priority!

We are well aware that during Ethereum’s scaling phase, escalating network fees and bottlenecks necessitated the emergence of other networks compatible with ZeroEx. These networks have experienced remarkable success, even receiving recognition from Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, as formidable competitors. Not to mention the substantial communities they have amassed and the valuable partnerships they have formed.

These projects include Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, and Arbitrum, which, alongside Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Polygon, are essential additions to our checklist. We are currently adapting our products progressively to these networks while developing new products based on demand.

While we have considered building within the Bitcoin network, we have yet to find the desired traction. What are your thoughts on this idea? Please let us know via any of our social media channels (rest assured, we read them all). If you believe we should consider adding another network, kindly inform us, and we will initiate discussions within our community.

At DexKit, we firmly believe in genuine collaboration to achieve our goals while helping others realize theirs. We always keep our mailboxes open for remarkable projects seeking to build alongside us.

Thank you for reading, and we warmly invite you to join our ever-growing family 🤗

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