The past 2 weeks have been a busy time for the DEXKIT team. We have made amazing strides on both the marketing and development fronts. Our community update highlights key marketing campaigns and promotions and how they have positively affected the price of the KIT token as well as added partnerships and features of the […]

In this week’s episode of “unprecedented financial dumpster fires”, we join r/wallstreetbets, hedgefund short-sellers, and Gamestop in a three-way cluster of epic proportions. If you missed it you can check out this article to catch you up. Essentially, the folks over at the subreddit r/wallstreet bets organized a group of retail investors to “pump” the […]

The DEXKIT live community update that was hosted on Friday 1/22/21 highlighted a number of platform developments. One of the BIG announcements was that the DEXKIT Dashboard demo is now live! When released, the application will be the ONLY CRYPTO PLATFORM YOU WILL EVER NEED. It is an all-in-one tool for managing your crypto portfolio, […]

DEXKIT has identified a key problem with the decentralized exchange model. There is not enough information and functionality for traders to make profitable swaps. Platforms can be confusing and difficult to use. Users are unable to place orders as they would on centralized exchanges. This amounts to a clunky and unpredictable trading experience where mistakes […]

We are excited to reveal our “What is DEXKIT” explainer video! We realize that the technology that makes cryptocurrency work is difficult to understand, and DEXKIT is no exception. We are offering a full suite of advanced trading and market-making tools to average cryptocurrency investors that will simplify and streamline the experience for all! This […]

If you joined us for our last community update that was broadcast live on 12/11/2020 you know that DEXKIT is waaaaaaaay more than just a swap aggregator! It is offering a whole suite of tools that will make navigating the world of decentralized cryptocurrency protocols easy, streamlined, and profitable. One of the products that we […]

We just hosted our 2nd live community update on Friday, 12/11. It was presented by John, our newly hired communications officer, and our head developer João Campos. The presentation included data outlining increased trading volume on the DEXSwap aggregator, onboarding of new partners, sneak peek screenshots of the soon to be released dashboard app, and […]

“With millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being traded on DEXs daily, how do you find the most profitable exchange rate and an exchange with enough required liquidity? DEXKIT is a next-generation tool KIT for decentralized exchanges developed to provide traders with essential trading tools only found on centralized exchanges.” — DEXKIT Litepaper

Recently the DEXKIT team sat down with the Bitsquad, Satoshi Club, and CryptoNationIN to answer some pressing community questions. Attendees were very interested in learning more about the future of the DEXKIT platform. A large number of people think that we are only a DEX aggregator, but the platform is so much more than that. […]