What is DEXKIT


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DSwap Aggregator

The DSwap aggregator is changing the game of decentralized swap protocols. The issue with DEXs is that it is hard to know for certain if you are getting the best price for your trades. Liquidity sources for tokens are spread across many protocols which can lead to price discrepancies and high slippage. This opens the door for arbitrage bots to front-run transactions and drain your funds.

DEXKIT makes trading cryptocurrencies easier and more profitable than ever. DSwap scans over 20 of the most popular DEX protocols on the Ethereum network and 8 of the healthiest liquidity pools on the Binance Smart Chain network. The app features an easy-to-use “Uniswap-style” interface and a fiat onramp so users can buy crypto directly with a credit or debit card. Orders can be filled through multiple sources guaranteeing the best price for tokens and the lowest slippage available. What are you waiting for?

ETH Aggregator BSC Aggregator Polygon Aggregator

KITDEX Exchange

Trading on DEX protocols can be confusing and expensive. With so many sources of liquidity and high fees, it’s no wonder many traders prefer to go through centralized platforms. These platforms lack security and take custody of user’s funds. This violates one of the key values of crypto: retaining control of held assets.

The KITDEX exchange is a next-generation trading tool that leverages DEXKIT’s underlying aggregator technology to create the most cost-efficient, decentralized trading experience. The professional KITDEX exchange features GAS FREE LIMIT ORDERS, permissionless listing, and a cross-protocol order book, depth chart, and trading history.

Limit orders can be placed without paying a gas fee because the KITDEX exchange doesn’t ever take custody of a user’s assets. That means that whenever an order is executed, a wallet-to-wallet swap is performed in which the “taker” pays the gas fee. Check out the KITDEX Exchange and start trading now!

Launch the KITDEX Exchange

NFT Marketplace

With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) flagged as the next hype wave in cryptocurrency, DEXKIT is ahead of the game. One of the biggest issues currently is that there is no way for artists and creators to display their works in a way that helps them to stand out. Marketplaces now are crowded and don’t allow for unique artistic expression when it comes to displaying works. Additionally, the space is rife with scams and copies which make it even more difficult for sellers to make a buck.

We have created a customizable, Whitelabel marketplace for artists and collectors. Not only does this provide a platform for collectors and artists to flex their most valuable pieces, but it also allows them to deploy them on any WordPress-enabled site. This will give followers and fans a seamless user experience as well as guarantee that they will not purchase fakes or forgeries. Sell orders can be placed for free and fee structures and accepted currencies are customizable. The platform integrates right into the DEXKIT Dashboard wizard. The NFT Marketplace BETA is available now!

Launch the NFT Marketplace BETA

DeFi Dashboard

The world of Decentralized Finance protocols is full of unique and ambitious products that are designed to create and preserve wealth. The issue is that they are still extremely difficult to use, and there is no single platform that accesses all the information that investors need to make educated decisions. Furthermore, existing tools are available across multiple platforms making navigation of the complex Defi landscape exceedingly complicated. This makes mass adoption of these products a hard sell for the average investor or trader.

The DEXKIT dashboard is an all-in-one crypto “super app” that hosts a cross-protocol and cross-chain explorer with a multicurrency wallet and powerful Defi management tools on one easy-to-use platform. The app also connects to all deployed DEXKIT apps such as NFT Marketplace, Aggregator, and DEX. Users will be able to access information for their favorite tokens, pairs, protocols, and chains while also having the ability to perform swaps within the app.

The onboard multicurrency wallet can hold BTC, ETH, and DOT tokens making it the only wallet you will ever need. You can also monitor the performance of your Defi token holdings with the ability to leverage advanced transformer “KITs” to perform multiple Defi actions at once. Anyone that has deployed other DEXKIT tools will be able to customize their platform while also monitoring their performance. Check out the Dashboard DEMO!

Launch the Dashboard Beta

DEXKIT Partners

Our partners are always the first to have the newest updates to our applications with continued support from the team. Create branded versions of all of our app offerings. Want to become a partner? Fill out an application HERE

BitBoy (Ben Armstrong) has become a pillar in the crypto space garnering the largest audience for any crypto YouTuber. He has been in crypto for around 8 years and he prides himself on his ability to explain crypto to average people. Ben is building a large network of resources for people who want to get involved in crypto no matter what their experience level is. We are proud to provide him with Bitswap whitelabel products that he offers to his community.
Lanceria is a platform that is built for freelancers and clients. Existing platforms are bad for both because of exorbitant fees. Lanceria fixes this with direct payments with their native (LANC) token. “We believe everyone has the right to access premium freelancing services. Whether you wish to buy or sell services, fees are no longer in your way with LANCERIA.”


Want to deploy your own branded versions of DEXKITs tools? Contact us HERE.



Q4 - 2020

✅ KIT token sale and launch

✅DSwap Aggregator Deployment

✅ DexKit Website and Social Media.


✅ KITDEX app BETA release

✅ NFT Marketplace Demo release

✅ Defi Dashboard Demo release

Q2 - 2021


✅ Full Launch of KITDEX app

✅ BSC integration for the DSwap Aggregator

✅ KIT token bridge to BSC

Q2 - 2021


✅ NFT Marketplace App release

Defi Dashboard Beta release

WordPress Plugin and Wizard for deployable apps

Q3 - 2021

🗓 UX/UI improvement


🗓 Blockchain Academy
🗓 Uni V.3 Staking
🗓 Multichain integration
🗓 Dashboard Gamification
🗓 NFT Wizard
🗓 Coin Leagues game deployment


🗓 Mobile & Desktop apps
🗓 Farming & Whitelabel solutions
🗓 DEXKIT launchpad


Where can I get more information on DEXKIT

Make sure to check out our FAQ page and get the latest information about DexKit from our bi weekly LIVE community updates on our Youtube channel where we announce giveaways, promotions, partnerships, and platform developments. You can also find us on Telegram to chat with the team, community and check out our social media pages from the list at the bottom of the page.