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a promising DeFi startup.
the future of finance and gaming.

Introducing DexKit

Adding value to Decentralized Finances.

DeFi dashboard

Manage all your crypto assets from the safest place: that’s your own ERC-20 wallet.
DexKit tools are fully decentralized and free. You will never be asked to deposit assets.

Trade with ownership

Using the latest tools for DeFi, DexKit developed trading solutions to help traders find the best prices and highest liquidity on the 0x Protocol using AMM (Automatic Market Maker).

Powerful NFT tools

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are now valuable assets in cryptocurrency, DexKit is ahead of the game developing NFT solutions for creators. Mint your NFT collection, deploy your own marketplace and customize it as much you want.

Kittens dialog

NFT Collectables

Earn exclusive rewards with DexKit’s Kittygotchi NFT collection: official project’s pet.ย 
Feed your Kittygotchi daily to level up. Hold KIT to increase your customization levels ๐Ÿ‘‘

Main Products

DSWAP Aggregator

Swap your tokens instantly with the lowest slippage ever! Withย 0x protocolย API users will get the better liquidity sources to give them the most profitable offer in each trade.

KitDex Exchange

Trade from anywhere, anytime, with huge liquidity providers from 0x protocol. Deploy your own Whitelabel exchange and start earn passive incomes with your client trades.

Blockchain gaming

DexKit developed the fairest game on the Polygon Blockchain: Coin League, where players compete in cryptocurrency price prediction races against friends and colleagues.

DexKit has been designed for digital entrepreneurs, like you!

DexKit has made simple to earn crypto deploying specialized procedures with only one click. Anyone can create tokens, NFT collections or deploy Whitelabel apps here, easily.

Learn to use DexKit tools

Don’t fret! Here you will find all the information you need to make the most of each tool.

Partners & Integrations

Whitelabel clients

Crypto entrepreneurs who are already using the tools and making profits with them.


Q4 - 2020
Q4 Roadmap

โœ…ย  - KIT token sale and launch.

โœ…ย  - DSWAP Aggregator Deployment.

โœ…ย  - DexKit Website and Social Media.

Q1 - 2021
Q1 Roadmap

โœ…  - KitDex app Beta release.

โœ…  - NFT Marketplace Demo release.

โœ…  - DeFi Dashboard Demo release.

Q2 - 2021
Q2 Roadmap

โœ…ย  - Full Launch of KitDex app.

โœ…ย  - BSC integration for the Swap Aggregator.

โœ…ย  - KIT token bridge to BSC.

Q3 - 2021
Q3 Roadmap

โœ… - UX/UI improvements.

Q1 - 2022
Q1 Roadmap

๐Ÿ—“ย  - Farming & whitelabel solutions.

โœ… - Coin Leagueย app developments.

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