Introducing Kittygotchi NFT Pets on Binance Smart Chain – adopt a pet that will last forever 😻

We are thrilled to announce that, based on popular demand, Kittygotchi NFT pets are now available on the Binance Smart Chain. Join our community and experience a wide range of possibilities, including daily feeding of your pet with a small portion of BNB.

With its growing number of followers, investors, and applications, Binance Smart Chain is positioning itself as a prominent network in the cryptoverse, offering advantages like low fees and increasing network adoption.

Kittygotchi with hat
Feed it every day and improve his stats to compete in monthly contests.

Support for custom networks and custom imports

In the SuperApp, you can effortlessly import your NFTs by simply importing the corresponding contracts. Explore our comprehensive tutorial that guides you through the process of adding contracts and integrating your NFTs into the wallet.

Add networks in the SuperApp
Manage all your ERC20 networks with the SuperApp: send, receive and distribute tokens freely.

Bug Fixes and Design Tweaks for Optimal Performance.

We have diligently fixed various bugs and made design tweaks to ensure a flawless experience on the SuperApp. Enjoy the convenience of using the SuperApp from any device without the need for a secondary wallet. Start fresh by creating a new ERC20 wallet using your email, Gmail, Twitter, or Discord credentials. Each application generates unique credentials exclusively for you, prioritizing the security of your assets. Additionally, the SuperApp interface is now available in Portuguese and Spanish languages.

Earn Passive Income through Our Referral Program

Hold a minimum of 200 $KIT tokens, regardless of the network, and start earning passive income by sharing your referral link with friends and colleagues. Earn rewards every time they make a trading operation, provided they use your link when accessing our platform for the first time. Our referral program is an excellent opportunity for influencers and creators to generate extra income by directing their community to our platform. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Affiliate page SuperApp
Earn passive incomes bringing your friends to use DexKit's DeFi solutions.

Enhanced Exchange Compatibility with Fantom Network on DSWAP

We are proud to announce the integration of the Fantom Foundation network into the DSWAP exchange platform. This expansion showcases the scalability of our platform and allows users to easily exchange their assets across multiple blockchains. Benefit from real-time access to dozens of exchange protocols, maximizing your profits with each transaction. DSWAP now supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom blockchains.

DSWAP networks
With Fantom as new addition, DSWAP is one of the strongest swap platforms out there.

Join Our Passionate Community and Enjoy Tailor-Made DeFi Solutions

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our community for their unwavering support and passion for our project. If you haven’t yet explored our suite of tools, we invite you to experience our tailor-made DeFi solutions designed to cater to your unique needs and requirements. Stay updated with DexKit’s innovations as we continue to bring you cutting-edge solutions for decentralized finance.

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