Exciting News for NFT Enthusiasts: Kittygotchi NFT Pets Now on Binance Smart Chain

We’re excited to share that Kittygotchi NFT pets, a community favorite, are now accessible on the Binance Smart Chain. Dive into a realm of possibilities where you can nurture your pet daily using a bit of BNB.

Kittygotchi with hat
Your pet that lasts forever 😻

Why Binance Smart Chain?

The Binance Smart Chain stands out in the crypto world, thanks to its low transaction fees and growing adoption. Its popularity among investors and users is soaring, offering a robust platform for your Kittygotchi NFT pets.

Engage Daily, Enhance, and Compete

Nurture your pet daily to boost its stats and stand out in our monthly contests. Plus, with support for custom networks and imports, you’re in full control.

Simplify with the SuperApp

Integrate your NFTs seamlessly in the SuperApp. It now supports multiple languages, including Portuguese and Spanish, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

Add networks in the SuperApp
Manage all your ERC20 networks with the SuperApp: send, receive and distribute tokens freely.

Unlock Passive Income

By holding 200 $KIT tokens, you can earn passive income through our referral program. Share your unique link, and when friends trade using it, you reap rewards.

Affiliate page SuperApp
Earn passive incomes bringing your friends to use DexKit's DeFi solutions.

DSWAP Expands with Fantom Network

The integration of the Fantom Foundation network into DSWAP marks a significant leap, offering greater exchange flexibility and profit opportunities across multiple blockchains.

DSWAP networks
With Fantom as new addition, DSWAP is one of the strongest swap platforms out there.

Join Our Thriving Community

We thank our passionate community for their support. Explore our bespoke DeFi solutions and stay abreast of DexKit’s innovations, designed to meet your unique needs.

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