Creating on-chain application made easy with DexAppBuilder

On-chain apps

In the Web3 era, no-code/low-code platforms  are crucial for developers and app creators. They bridge the gap between users and complex technologies like blockchain. These platforms make on-chain application development easier.  Consequently, they democratize the process for both coding-savvy and non-technical users. This enables them to participate in the decentralized ecosystem with ease.

An on-chain application, also called a decentralized application (dApp)works directly on a blockchain network. These apps use the decentralized nature of blockchain for different functions like smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and more. “On-chain” indicates that the blockchain stores and runs the app’s logic and data. This ensures transparency, security, and immutability.

If you’re venturing into the realm of dApp development, your journey begins with our platform, DexAppBuilder.  It’s a no-code/low-code platform that provides the necessary tools for easy creation of on-chain applications. You have the vision and goal for your dApp. DexAppBuilder assists you in turning your project into a market reality.

Why DexAppBuilder?

With DexAppBuilder, you can build a variety of on-chain applications. Below are some features to add to your on-chain application using our platform’s functionalities. Get inspired by your creativity!

Own token:  In today’s world, assets are increasingly turning into digital tokens. Create your own token with DexAppBuilder. Distribute it to your community to engage them with your business. This way, you and your community thrive.

  NFT store: Use DexAppBuilder to showcase your digital arts as NFTs. List them for sale and earn commissions from third-party NFT sales.

Cryptocurrency exchange: Creating your own cryptocurrency trading platform is no longer a mystery. Brand it with your logo and set it up easily. With DexAppBuilder, you can create your own exchange in a few simple steps. Earn financial rewards for each transaction made on it.

Exclusive content blog: DexAppBuilder offers gated content functionality. You can use it to limit public access to your exclusive content. Set a flexible hierarchy of access to this content. Lock content behind specific ERC20 tokens or NFTs.

Creating your on-chain application made simple

DexAppBuilder is a versatile and agile tool for building on-chain applications. It helps you overcome the technical challenges of developing on Web3. With DexAppBuilder, you can easily create your on-chain application. This enables you to focus on functionality and customization of your project.

DexAppBuilder simplifies the creation of on-chain applications by providing:

• Intuitive interface: When you choose your dApp project, DexAppBuilder guides you through a simple process. It helps you leverage platform resources and structure your dApp’s functionality.

• Customization options: DexAppBuilder offers various customization options. This allows you to tailor the design and operations of your dApp. You can align them with your brand identity and project goals.

• Deployment and scalability: As you build your dApp on DexAppBuilder, it’s ready to grow within Web3. It’s primed to scale and adapt to your project’s trajectory.

Four stages to create your on-chain application with DexAppBuilder

Stage 1: Access DexAppBuilder

Begin your creation journey by selecting “Create App” on the DexAppBuilder platform.

Screenshot of DexAppBuilder interface showing the first step: clicking on "Create App" to start app creation process.

After naming your dApp, providing your email for notifications, and connecting your wallet, the admin panel becomes your command center.

Stage 2: Fill out your dApp settings

In the “Settings” menu, you’ll find various features to configure your dApp, including basic and specific settings.

Screenshot of DexAppBuilder admin panel displaying the 'Settings' menu and its resources for creating an on-chain DApp.

 Here’s what to do in each feature:

General: Include details of your dApp such as logo, language, and default currency.

Domain: Enter the unique digital address of your dApp. If you don’t have your own dApp domain, we will create it with the domain “”.

Team: Organize your team, establishing access levels and roles.

Version: Add different versions of your application for backup and allow reverting to previous ones.

Ownership: Mint an NFT to take possession and full control over your dApp.

Social Media:  Link your networks to ensure connectivity and project presence.
Stage 3: Organize your dApp's layout

Go to the “Layout” menu and let your creativity flow to design your dApp’s user interface.

Screenshot of DexAppBuilder admin panel displaying the 'Layout' menu and its resources for customizing the layout of the on-chain DApp.

Find out what each feature in this menu is for:

Theme: Choose a global theme and font for your dApp to maintain a visually pleasing experience for your users.

Pages: Create pages for your dApp using our pre-built components. Design exchanges, NFT stores, cryptocurrency swaps, and many other basic and advanced features. Structure your dApp according to your project in Web3.

Navbar: Customize the menu links of your dApp. This enhances user experience and showcases essential features.

Footer menu: Personalize your app’s footer to offer extra details and enhance user guidance. 

SEO: Optimize your dApp’s SEO settings to increase its visibility and ranking on search engines.

Analytics: Incorporate Google Analytics into your dApp for performance optimization.

Stage 4: Set up additional features for your dApp as needed for your project

Once you’ve set up your dApp’s foundation, you can add more features to enhance its functionality.

• Fees: Set the fees for your dApp. These fees will be added to NFT sales or offers (Marketplace Fees) or to swap transactions in your dApp (Swap Fees).

• Data: Choose which collections to showcase in your dApp (Collections). Select or import tokens for your dApp (Tokens). And manage networks for your on-chain application (Networks).

• Analytics: View user events within your dApp. See interactions, clicks, views, and more (Events). Create leaderboards based on your users’ activities to gamify your dApp (Leaderboard).

• Integrations: Integrate your application with external platforms. Select and configure connections that best suit your needs.


Using DexAppBuilder, you can efficiently create your own on-chain application, tailored to your requirements. Our platform empowers you to overcome technical challenges. It helps you focus on the creative aspects of your project.

Whether you’re new to dApps or an experienced developer, DexAppBuilder provides powerful tools. These tools streamline your on-chain application development. It offers an intuitive interface, extensive customization, and scalability. Creating on-chain applications is rewarding with DexAppBuilder.

Turn your brilliant idea into a functional and appealing on-chain application. Bring your vision to life in the Web3 ecosystem. Start today with DexAppBuilder!

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