Token Utility

Utility breathes life into a token. KIT offers huge incentives to holders through staking, farming, discounted fees, and access to exclusive features.

  • Every month, fees are collected from DEXKIT’s tools and aggregators across the network. When a holder stakes KIT on the platform, their tokens will instantly start to accrue rewards for each second they are staking. Staker’s rewards are calculated based on the total size of the staking pool, the number of KIT tokens they have staked, and the amount of ETH the fee pool has collected. The pool amounts to 70% of ETH fees collected by DEXKIT’s aggregators and marketplace tools. KIT holders can enter or exit the staking pool and withdraw their ETH rewards at any time without penalty. When a staker withdraws their KIT, the ETH they have accrued is automatically credited to their wallet address. Users do NOT have to stake liquidity pairs to enter the pool; holders only have to provide KIT tokens to participate.
  • All aggregator owners will be required to hold a specified amount of KIT to deploy the full scope of advanced trading tools DEXKIT offers.
  • Upon release of the DEXKIT exchange, users will have to hold KIT in order to use the decentralized, order book style trading tools the DEX will offer.
  • In the first month following the launch of the KIT token, users who provide ETH-KIT liquidity can stake their LP tokens and farm a secondary token. BITT is a community token that has utility in the thriving Discord and SANDBOX ecosystems.

By adding to the KIT liquidity pool users will in turn farm a secondary token BITT – a social media-based token with utility within Discord and SANDBOX which already have a thriving community.