SuperApp πŸ“± v0.0.6.23: Introducing New Integrations for Enhanced User Experience

DexKit and OKC

We are constantly working to provide our users with easy-to-use, open source, and free solutions that empower crypto entrepreneurs. In line with our mission, we have integrated three emerging blockchains into SuperApp, catering to new market segments seeking efficient DeFi products.

SuperApp encompasses a wide range of tools necessary for daily crypto activities. It enables users to seamlessly perform token swaps, exchanges, buy and manage crypto assets on 0x-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Polygon. Additionally, it offers comprehensive trading analysis, a protocol explorer, and numerous other functions.

Full compatibility with every modern mobile browser, without download anything.

Now, let’s delve into the exciting new additions to SuperApp! 🌝

OKC Blockchain: The Newest Integration on the Horizon

We are thrilled to announce that DexKit is dedicating hours of development to integrate theΒ OKC chainΒ into SuperApp. This integration will allow OKC network holders to effortlessly manage their crypto assets through a lightweight and intelligent DeFi dashboard.

We share a lot of goals with OKC: security, smart contracts development and builders instinct ⛏️

Furthermore, we anticipate that DexKit prediction games will soon be available on the OKC network, fostering a deeper relationship between the two projects. While the full integration is underway and may take a few days due to necessary changes and testing by our developers, users can already enjoy managing OKC chain ERC20 tokens directly from SuperApp.

DexKit envisions a collaborative advertising campaign with OKC, wherein the project will be introduced to the OKC community across various social platforms. Our goal is to establish a strong brand presence in the Asian markets.

Avalanche and Fantom Networks: Seamless Integration with SuperApp

At DexKit, we value the power of numbers and recognize the demand for top-notch DeFi products among users of EVM networks. With this in mind, we have added the efficient Avalanche and versatile Fantom blockchains as native options within the SuperApp platform.

Maximum compatibility with the networks above. Users can add custom networks manually too.

We remain optimistic with each integration we undertake and extend an invitation to join our family. Let’s grow together as crypto enthusiasts and early adopters.

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