Satoshi Club AMA!

Satoshi Club AMA!

Crypto is CRAZY right now! A WAVE of new investors are coming into the space and things have never looked more bullish. In fact, I was just telling my grandson just the other day how bitcoin was under $10,000 dollars around this time last year. “You’re crazy GRAMPS!” he replied. I may have made up the part about having a grandson, but that doesn’t change the fact that crypto is moving at LIGHT SPEED and it seems like the worst days are behind us.

We are extremely excited to be hosted by Satoshi Club on the 10th of March at 5PM UTC for the DEXKIT project and the 13th of March for the BITToken project. The Satoshi Club telegram has had insane growth recently hosting names like Charlie Lee, Justin Sun, and Cardano in their AMAs. They have reached over 50,000 members internationally. They have crafted a platform that gives projects like ourselves access to investors, community members, and exchanges that can help us grow our reach and further our goals.

Join the Satoshi Club telegram to learn how you can enter to win $500 in prizes!

DEXKIT has recently launched our exchange beta app for 0x V3 and V4 and we are currently pushing development of our NFT marketplace. The full suite of apps is designed to make trading and managing crypto portfolios on decentralized protocols easy and profitable. Our NFT marketplace will empower collectors and creators by offering a unique platform to create, display, and trade NFTs. It will be complete with WordPress integration making it easily deployable on existing websites.

Satoshi Club DEXKIT AMA March 10th 5PM UTC

Satoshi Club BITToken AMA March 13th 5PM UTC

Make sure to check out the links below to get some KIT and BITT! Follow us on Twitter and drop us a line in Telegram! We will see you at the AMAs!

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