Revolutionize Your NFT Sales with the First White-Label NFT Marketplace by DexKit

NFT Marketplace

Two years have flown by since we embarked on this exciting new adventure. In the fast-paced and competitive world of cryptocurrencies, these years are like an eternity, an experience that only a select few projects have had the privilege of enjoying. Along the way, we have witnessed the birth and demise of some projects, while others have thrived as if it were destiny. DexKit has weathered the storm of the ever-changing economy, and as a result, we feel a duty to continue building exceptional tools for all of you. 

Today, as we have been eagerly anticipating and announcing for several weeks, we are thrilled to introduce a cutting-edge tool that we are confident will benefit visual artists, digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even musicians who wish to automatically earn income from their digital creations minted as NFTs. We take pride in being the first project in the world to develop this Whitelabel tool, and it is now available on DexKit’s public repository. Furthermore, we invite new developers to contribute to this project, making the app stronger and more aligned with the current needs. We are excited to announce that we have already built the first fully functional Marketplace based on ZRX (0x) v4 contracts, and we have received a generous grant to keep this product Open Source.

The very notion of being able to fill a void that existed in the world of Decentralized Finance inspired us to create this tool, which we will delve into shortly. Up until today, the launch date of this product, there has been no comparable tool available in the world. Can you sense the excitement, the freshness of a brand-new car? 😃

Features of the NFT Marketplace Wizard:

  • Instantly sell your NFT collections created in the SuperApp without any additional fees. You only need to cover the gas network fees.
  • Full playback compatibility for Music NFTs. Sell your beats in your marketplace. We recommend Arpeggi Studios for creating your Music NFTs, which you can then sell in your own NFT marketplace.
  • Accept your own ERC 20 tokencreated in the SuperApp, for trading your NFTs. The tool includes an integrated swap widget that simplifies the process for your clients.
  • Earn fees for every trade within your NFT marketplace. We recommend a 1% fee as a healthy industry practice, but the choice is yours.
  • Utilize a redirect to your web domain and run your NFT marketplace under your own brand. DexKit will handle hosting your NFT marketplace indefinitely until you decide to shut it down. We have provided detailed instructions in our documentation on how to set up DNS redirection with Cloudflare (right here).

As an artist, what would be the advantages for me of having my NFT marketplace?

A lot, check them below 👇

  • You have complete control over your assets, just as DeFi has accustomed us, minimizing the risk of third-party hacks that could impact your business.
  • Ideal for those creating monetized communities, as you can control all financial aspects, from trading pairs within the market to the availability of NFTs, whether you own them or not.
  • No more fees or royalties for using marketplaces! DexKit will never charge you for using the free version of the white-label NFT marketplace, whether it’s for deployment or your NFT sales. Our business model relies on premium subscriptions for this tool.
  • No more market bans or ToS violations. You are the sole owner of your marketplace. We respect your freedoms and uphold this not only out of conviction but also because our company is registered in one of the most beautiful and free places on the planet 🇧🇷, where the economic freedoms of the population are honored.

Premium subscription? 👀 What does it entail?

Because there will always be users who want to maximize the potential of each tool, the premium version of the white-label NFT marketplace will offer incredible customizations not available in the free version. These may include:

    • Custom fonts
    • Expanded range of color combinations
    • Priority customer support

This subscription does not yet have a launch date, but it is expected that it will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

The documentation for this product is also available, so we encourage you to read it thoroughly.

We are eager to hear from you on social media! We value your feedback on the tool and any suggestions for future changes or additions. The upcoming iterations will incorporate the most requested features.

Thank you for your patience throughout this development journey, which has now entered the open beta phase! We wish you the best of luck in selling your NFT collections 🍀🤞

And now, without further ado, here’s the link to the NFT marketplace builder… 👇

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