Roadmap and Features

Main APP Products:




  • Customizable Exchange layouts: Uniswap-like layout with orderbook and a basic, intermediate and professional mode similar to many CEX trading platforms.
  • Dex Aggregator: uses liquidity pools on Uniswap, ZRX, KyberSwap, Curve, Mooniswap, Balancer, Bancor and more to find the best token price available.
  • Full service decentralized exchange with free order placement and cancellation.
  • Launchpad IEO for projects to launch their token sale in a decentralized, permissionless way.
  • NFT integration: buy, sell, share NFT collectibles on social media and earn affiliate fees. This service is activated by holding NFT cards and a specified number of KIT tokens.
  • Wizard to create a customizable erc20 and erc721 marketplace and white-label Dex Aggregator.
  • Extended affiliate program: deploy a custom exchange/NFT white-label solution and earn associated fees directly to the owner’s wallet address when users engage with the platform
  • Easy widget for users to buy NFTs and cards on a website with direct WordPress integration. This will allow creators to onboard DEXKIT’s tools onto their existing websites.
  • Transformer Kits integrate multiple DeFi actions at once using the best liquidity on the market. For example: send 1 ETH to pool DAI/ETH and instantly buy LP tokens, leverage positions, and lend.
  • Backend dashboard solution to manage white-label exchanges/marketplaces. The interface will enable owners to easily add or remove pairs, add tokens, change default layout and check earned fees.
  • Private order “Arbitrage Mining” allows users to profit from arbitrage. Take advantage of price discrepancies without giving profit to arbitrageurs. DEXKIT can arbitrage orders and share the profit with the user.



Q4 - 2020

Token Sale

Q4 - 2020

DexKit Website and Social Media


DexKit Dashboard MVP


Launch apps solution for DEX Aggregators, NFT and Trading

Q2 - 2021

Full Launch of Advanced Trading Tools for DeFi

Q3 - 2021

Add Multicurrency Support


Support for Multicurrency swaps in wallet