Meet Brandon: A valuable cryptopreneur on DexKit’s community

Brandon from New York

Warm greetings to all our readers!👋 In this blog post, we are pleased to share a testimonial from a notable Web3 creator who uses our DexAppBuilder platform to support his creative and financial endeavors.

We can’t begin this post without expressing our gratitude to Brandon, our current interviewee, and everyone who has shared their experiences using DexAppBuilder with us. Brandon’s thoughts will surely inspire you and your ideas in the Web3 world.

To give you a better insight into how DexAppBuilder is making waves in the Web3 community, we’ve interviewed Brandon. His experiences and insights will show you the real-world applications and practical benefits of DexAppBuilder.

New here? DexKit developed DexAppBuilder, a comprehensive platform designed to empower creators in the Web3 space. With DexAppBuilder, users can effortlessly build decentralized applications without needing extensive coding knowledge. It offers tools and solutions for NFT creation, token swap, DApp development, and more

Without further ado, and excited to share Brandon’s experiences, we present this inspiring interview below:

Could you share a bit about yourself and your hobbies? How did you enter the world of NFTs?

“My name is Brandon, and I live in New York. I’ve always had an interest in crypto and NFTs. I make art and clothing and always wanted to incorporate NFTs into my artwork.”

Author’s note:  Ken, another prominent creator in our community, is just as enthusiastic about DexAppBuilder as Brandon. ‘Using DexAppBuilder has transformed my creative process, allowing me to focus on my art while leveraging cutting-edge technology,’ says Ken.

What led you to discover DexKit products, and why did you decide to use them for your NFT projects?

“My friend told me about Thirdweb and how there are no-code tools coming out. So I googled no-code NFTs, and DexKit came up. At first, I didn’t understand what was being offered, but when I did, I got very excited.”

Which features or tools in DexKit have been most beneficial for you as an NFT creator?

“The whole platform allows me to do what I want. I’ve had a vision of what I would do if I could make a project. Being able to make NFTs and tokens with staking abilities is just the tip of the iceberg, and with updates, I can’t even imagine what’s to come.”

Author note: Let’s highlight DexAppBuilder’s unique features and range capabilities for Web3 enthusiasts.

For creators looking to build without coding expertise, DexAppBuilder offers:

  • No-Code/Low-code Interface: Our platform presents an intuitive interface that enables development without requiring coding expertise.
  • Customizable Templates: Versatile templates within DexAppBuilder can be tailored to suit your project’s specific needs.
  • Seamless Integrations: DexAppBuilder automatically integrates with 0x liquidity and seamlessly connects with external services like Darkblock and many others.

Here are some of the solutions that users can currently include in their DApps built with DexAppBuilder:

  • Swap: Facilitate asset exchange within your DApp.
  • Exchange: Enable users to conveniently trade assets on your decentralized platform.
  • Token Generation: Easily create custom tokens to represent assets or functionalities in your DApp.
  • NFT Issuance: Mint and manage unique NFTs to explore new possibilities in your DApp.
  • Token and NFT Airdrop: Effortlessly distribute tokens or NFTs to your community.
  • Gated Content: Control access to exclusive content within your DApp.
  • Smart Contract Integration: Seamlessly incorporate smart contracts to enhance functionalities within your DApp. Simplify interaction with smart contracts through the generation of user interfaces (UI) by importing ABI.

Have you encountered any challenges while using DexKit, and how did you address them?

“Hard to say since I’m limited in understanding, but the team has been very helpful with any misunderstandings or issues.”

Author’s note: Brandon is a very-skilled user (even though he may not perceive himself that way) but we know that, sometimes, some features may be hidden or confusing. Thinking of this we are regularly feeding our YouTube channel with tutorials and also our documentation.

Are there any specific features or improvements you would like to see in DexKit products in the future?

“I want DexKit to become the standard. The app building is a borderline website maker, only it’s for crypto. I think in time, as we’re able to integrate services like Printful and other standard web-making tools, this project will become even better. As for crypto-related updates, a lot of ideas I have are very niche: generative NFTs, redemption contracts, and other ideas.”

Author’s note: Since the interview, several new features have been integrated into DexAppBuilder, including the capability to create generative NFTs, staking contracts, and more.

How does DexKit distinguish itself from other similar NFT platforms or products?

“I won’t pretend and say I went to every similar platform, but the ones I did go to are usually gated by pricing. So the fact that DexKit is currently free gives me the comfort to explore and build while focusing my funds on the cost to make NFTs and products.”

What advice would you offer to other creators who are new to NFTs and considering using DexKit?

“Stay away from the hype, make a good project, and earn your community. It’s not easy, but when the stars align, great things can happen. DexKit is making it easy for people like me to build and compete in the market.”

How do you foresee the future of NFTs evolving, and what role do you think DexKit will play in that evolution?

“I think NFTs will replace a lot of things and be embedded into current things. The idea that you can make IP NFTs from art and video is crazy. I think everything will be a token in the future. DexKit will become what Shopify is today or even eBay. I think we are limited by imagination and tech.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about your experience with DexKit or your passion for NFTs?

“I say this: if you find out about DexKit, you’re one of the lucky ones. I almost want to keep it a secret because the power you gain once you understand the limitations is 10x.”

Author’s note: 😳

Final Thoughts

We hope Brandon’s journey with DexAppBuilder inspires you to start your own NFT and multi purpose projects. His experience highlights the powerful tools and supportive community that DexKit offers. Whether you’re an artist, developer, or entrepreneur, DexAppBuilder can help you realize your vision in the Web3 space.

Please check out one of Brandon’s projects created with DexAppBuilder, Oishi vs. Kuma, which not only shows his good taste and creativity as a designer but also uses a good number of the platform’s features correctly and harmoniously.

Thank you, Brandon, for sharing your story and for your continued support of DexKit! 🤝 To all our readers, now is the perfect time to build your DApps with DexAppBuilder and become a part of the Web3 revolution.

Let’s decentralize the future together! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Author’s Note: The opinions expressed in this interview belong solely to the interviewee, and we have preserved the authenticity of Brandon’s responses without any modifications.
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