Maximizing success on blockchain networks: top options for DApp developers and builders, and cryptopreneurs

Embarking on Blockchain networks

Blockchain networks, as discussed in a previous article, play a crucial role in the development of Web3 applications. Beyond being technological frameworks, these networks serve as assets, providing investment opportunities, tools for developers and DApp builders, and transaction channels for cryptopreneurs. Understanding the distinctive features of key networks is vital for both investors and those involved in blockchain development.

In this article, we will mention some examples of blockchain networks with widespread acceptance, first by developers and secondly by cryptopreneurs, both seeking maximum performance on the network they intend to host their projects, whether for scalability, gas fee costs, access to test networks, among other features.
Some cryptocurrencies have intrinsic values that differentiate them from each other.

Favorite blockchain networks among developers

We carefully select this list of blockchain networks, considering factors such as the accessibility of testnets (ensuring they are public and easy to access), robust development activity, user-friendly development environments, gas fees, active community engagement, among others.
  • Polygon: By offering main and testnet solutions, Polygon enhances scalability and interoperability for developers and DApp builders. Its commitment to facilitating seamless integration and improving user experience positions it as a favorable choice for developers and DApp builders seeking efficiency in creating blockchain applications. It is very easy for developers and DApp builders to obtain test tokens for Polygon Mumbai testnet, making it even more attractive for development and subsequent deployment on the mainnet.
  • Optimism: Operating on both the mainnet and testnet, Optimism focuses on scaling Ethereum, addressing its scalability challenges. Developers and DApp builders find it beneficial due to its compatibility with existing Ethereum infrastructure, encouraging a smoother transition to a more scalable ecosystem. It also has a public testnet and an effective faucet that sends test tokens to developers and DApp builders through verification.
  • Arbitrum: With Arbitrum Nova and Arbitrum One, Arbitrum provides layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum developers and DApp builders. Its appeal lies in optimizing gas fees and transaction speed, making it an attractive option for developers and DApp builders looking to enhance the performance of their blockchain projects.
Polygon Community
Polygon has a powerful community of both developers and creatives. Picture is from Polygon Dads, an NFT collection on Polygon.

Transaction efficiency for cryptopreneurs

This segment of users need powerful blockchain networks to host their projects with the lowest transaction costs and at the same time access to reliable testnets to do sufficient testing before releasing a viable product.
Here are the three blockchains we consider essential for cryptopreneurs for several reasons, such as scalability, gas fees, and the presence of foundations that provide financial support to entrepreneurial groups at any stage of their projects.
  • Arbitrum: Known for its benefits in terms of reduced gas fees, increased transaction speed, and strong community support, Arbitrum emerges as the best choice for cryptopreneurs looking to optimize their transactions and overall experience. Cryptopreneurs have help from the Arbitrum Foundation in the form of financing, personalized guidance, and a vast active community.
  • Optimism: Offering advantages for both developers and users, Optimism stands out for its commitment to minimizing gas fees and speeding up transaction speed. This makes it an ideal option for cryptopreneurs seeking efficiency in their transactions. Optimism is governed by the Optimism Foundation with the help of the community of developers, investors, advisors and users in general who, with their opinions, contribute to the improvement of products and processes.
  • Base: Positioned as a network that benefits both developers and users, Base emphasizes factors such as reduced gas fees, improved transaction speed, and strong community support. It serves as a reliable option for cryptopreneurs looking to conduct seamless transactions.
At DexKit, we recommend using the networks mentioned above for several reasons:
  1. These networks are compatible with our products and solutions.
  2. They are user-friendly for new DApp builders and developers in terms of network fees and have large supportive communities.
  3. Some blockchain foundations sponsors public goods, so you may choose to be funded if your project is promising and contributes to others.
Optimism Collective
Optimism Collective, part of the Optimism Foundation, helps teams and individuals run their feasible blockchain project with funding rounds

DexAppBuilder: Compatibility and ease of use

DexAppBuilder supports a wide range of networks, including those mentioned above. This support allows DApp developers and builders to choose the most suitable network for their projects, considering factors such as functionality, transaction costs, and user experience. The integration of DexAppBuilder with multiple networks ensures that users of this platform can optimize their experience within the ever-changing landscape of blockchain technology.

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