Introducing DexKit

DexKit (KIT) began as the next-generation tool KIT for Decentralized Exchanges developed to provide traders with essential trading tools only found on centralized exchanges. Central to DexKit’s main idea was a decentralized exchange for creating advanced trading, swap, atomic swaps, and market-making. It also has the ability to create decentralized ERC-20 and ERC-721 white label trading solutions. 

DexKit uses the concept of “Tool Kits” to help traders make well-informed trades at the best price. Traders like you will have a host of new tools at your disposal.

  • Swap aggregator, fed with + thirty (30) protocols –Uniswap, Kyber, DODO, Balancer, Moonieswap, among others–;
  • Place decentralized stop/limit orders and leveraged trading on the KIT DEX Exchange, which is enabled for Automatic Market Maker (AMM). The orders that users place will be filled in a decentralized manner from dozens of protocols via liquidity pools;
  • Own your own branded DexKit Aggregator, NFT (Non-fungible tokens) and decentralized exchange; with an easy-to-use dashboard to control your tools. You can customize the aggregator by adding or removing pairs and adjusting the fees you’ll receive.

DexKit is based on well-known open-source technology and will develop next-generation closed source technologies that will belong to the company and be native on the DexKit application. Users can earn passive incomes having their own affiliate link and sharing with friends.

How it Works

When trading cryptocurrencies, DexKit’s custom aggregator searches over thirty (30) DEXs –on the Ethereum network– to find the best price and liquidity using a Uniswap-style interface that’s familiar and easy to use. A suite of additional tools provides a trader with well-informed trades at the best possible price and liquidity, all while minimizing annoying slippage. Traders will be able to use leverage, place decentralized stop/limit orders, create, sell and trade NFTs and place private orders. Traders can earn from staking KIT (pairs will be temporarily chosen depending on the availability of the partners). 

In addition to DexKit tools, users can create their very own branded aggregator and NFT marketplace. It includes a full backend dashboard allowing complete control over adding and removing pairs and adjusting fees. In addition, WordPress is supported as a widget. With the increased interest in NTFs, DexKit provides users with a wizard to create ERC-20 and ERC-721 (NFT) collections, with full WordPress integration, allowing users to trade any NFT on their own website.

The backend solution manage user’s multicurrency marketplace, which, in crypto-speak, is known as a Whitelabel exchange. With this backend users can easily add/remove pairs, add tokens, change the default layout and check earned fees. More exciting features are being developed, and will be added over time. This truly is the next-generation DEX platform designed to be incorporated within your website and give you an advantage in every trade.

DexKit's Aggregator (DSWAP)

With millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being traded on DEXs daily, how do you find the most profitable exchange rate and an exchange with enough required liquidity?

THE PROBLEM: How to find the best price and trade with enough liquidity to reduce/eliminate slippage across all the available DEXs?

THE SOLUTION: DexKit and DexKit Aggregator With DexKit Trading cryptocurrencies is a whole lot easier, and much more profitable.

The DSWAP aggregator is the first in the suite of DexKit’s tools that no trader or cryptocurrency investor will want to be without. While operating in the background, the swap aggregator utilizes and searches in the following DEXs price APIs: 0x, Balancer, Bancor, Curve, DODO, Kyber, Mooniswap, mStable, Oasis, Shell, Sushiswap, Swerve, Uniswap among others with routing improvements taking the best liquidity available and reducing slippage rates, giving the traders the best price every time on each trading operation.

Current Enabled Features

  • Available Exchanges layouts: Uniswap layout, Uniswap-like layout with orderbook, basic, medium and professional-like Coinbase Pro. This service is activated by NFT card and user needs to hold minimum 500 KIT;
  • Launchpad IEO like for projects launch in a permissionless way their token sale.
  • Tokens and NFT Wizard: easy-to-deploy assistant able to create ERC-20 and ERC-721 collections. Sell, buy, share in social media your cards and earn affiliate fees. This service is activated by NFT card and user needs to hold minimum of 500 KIT.
  • Extended affiliate program:  deploy your exchange/NFT Whitelabel solution and (earn fees directly in your address when users use your platform with WordPress integration);
  • Trading widget able to exchange tokens and cards in user’s website with WordPress integration;
  • Transformer Kits: do multiple actions at once using the best liquidity on the market, like send 1 ETH to pool DAI/ETH and instantly buy LP token, leverage positions, and lend.
  • DeFi dashboard to manage Whitelabel Exchange/Marketplace: users can easily add/remove pairs, add tokens, change default layout, check earned fees and more to come.
  • Multicurrency wallet with support for the mainstream coins (BTC, BCH and BSV) and with integrated swap feature.


DexKit has a maximum supply of 10 million tokens (present on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains with proxy Contracts), and will be distributed:

  • 5% to the team with a three-year staggered release;
  • 15% to the OTC sale;
  • 15% for Partnerships & Exchanges;
  • 20% for Marketing with a three-year staggered release;
  • 20% for Development with a three-year staggered release;
  • 25% for Liquidity.
Team with a three-year staggered release
Over-the-Counter sales

KIT Token Utilities

  • Hold 50 KIT it boosts multiplier to 1.3x on NFT Room on Coin League on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks;
  • 7 % of Coin League revenue share is used to buyback and liquidity on DexKit token on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks;
  • Hold KIT to customize your Kittygotchi in several levels on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum networks;
  • 50% of Kittygotchi proceedings is used to buyback and liquidity on DexKit token on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum networks;
  • Hold 500 KIT to receive fees on Aggregator using the WordPress plugin;
  • Hold 200 KIT to receive affiliate fees on the DSWAP platform configured on the Affiliate Overview page;
  • Hold 750 KIT to receive 90% discount on trading fees using the DSWAP aggregator;
  • 70% of aggregator fees are used to buyback and liquidity on KIT;
  • Hold KIT to propose and vote on Snapshot space.

Official Smart Contract addresses


Binance Chain

Binance Chain




Main Products

Roadmap and Timetable

Utility breathes life into a token. The KIT token will start with the following uses and grow as the project grows:

  1. Staking works by, each month, pooling the accrued fees from KIT products for the past month. KIT holders can stake their KIT at any time for any duration and receive their corresponding reward from the ETH pool. When a holder stakes KIT on the platform their tokens will instantly start to accrue rewards for each second they have staked. The rewards are distributed depending on the total size of the staking pool at any time, the amount of KIT they have staked and the amount of ETH collected by DEXKIT fees for the pool. A staker can enter and leave the pool with no penalty. When a staker withdraws their KIT the ETH rewards they have received are credited to them. The holder only needs to stake their KIT tokens, no ETH is required from the staker.
  2. Aggregator owners will be required to hold a pre-determined amount of KIT to run their branded aggregators; giving further utility to the KIT token (Starting with 500 KIT).
  3. Users of the upcoming DEX and DEX tools such as limit orders, stop limits and arbitrage bots will need to hold KIT in order to use these features and are rewarded for holding KIT tokens through the staking mechanism.
  4. By adding to the KIT liquidity pool users will farm a secondary token BITT which is a social media-based token with utility within Discord and Sandbox which already have a thriving community.
  5. KIT owners can fully change their Kittygotchi NFT features (if previously minted). The more the user holds, the more features will unlock for the pet.

*Roadmap could be delivered early or some items be prioritized over others according to community express of interest.
Additionally, several features will be released before full launch is complete.