This is an exciting moment for the KITcrew and team! The KIT bridge is now live and users can swap KIT/BNB on the Binance Smart Chain! If you have KIT already, you can read the steps below where I outline how to bridge your KIT tokens to BSC. If you have some BNB and you want to buy KIT on the BSC without using the bridge, feel free to skip down to the last section of the article.

How to Bridge KIT from ETH to BSC

So the first thing you have to do is put KIT on your decentralized wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet. I prefer Metamask because it is easy to set up and use on both mobile or browser.

How to set up Metamask on Chrome Browser:

Then you need to add the BSC to your list of networks:

After you have set up your Metamask wallet you’ll need some KIT. You can easily buy KIT at Alternatively, you can also buy KIT on the Bilaxy exchange and send it to your Metamask wallet address.

Once you have KIT on your decentralized wallet you will go to and connect your wallet. At that point, you will be able to bridge your KIT tokens to the BSC through the multichain dashboard by clicking “Transfer” and confirming the transaction in your wallet. There is a 3.6 KIT minimum for using the bridge.

Once the transaction is confirmed, add the contract address for KIT on BSC to your wallet: 0x314593fa9a2fa16432913dbccc96104541d32d11

How to Swap KIT on BSC

If you want to purchase KIT on the BSC simply head over to, connect your wallet, switch your network to Binance smart chain, and swap BNB for KIT. If you bridged KIT tokens from ETH you can sell them on the same platform. If you want to be an LP provider you can also pool your KIT/BNB to get a portion of trading fees from swapping KIT on BSC.

What Does This Mean?

DEXKIT is committed to “bridging” the gap between protocols and chains to make one large space with infinite possibilities of interoperability. The 0x protocol upon which all DEXKIT tools are built acts as “middleware” between these protocols and chains. Our developers are serious when it comes to providing the best user experience possible and the BSC currently offers some of the lowest fees when it comes to transacting with ERC20 compatible smart contracts. We are proud to have taken the first step towards creating an entire KIT ecosystem on the BEP20 chain where users can enjoy fast and cheap transactions.

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