Join DexKit in powering Web3 innovation: Support us in Nova Round by Arbitrum Grants DAO!

Arbitrum Grant

Alright, crypto enthusiasts, here’s the scoop! DexKit has hitched a ride on the Gitcoin train πŸš‚, stepping into the limelight of the Nova Round orchestrated by Arbitrum Grants DAO. This ain’t just a regular funding gig, it’s a hefty pool of 24,000 ARB up for grabs πŸ’°, marking a colossal support for the developer tooling game in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

DexKit is bringing the heat with its DexAppBuilder, a powerhouse of no-code/low-code tools, making Web3 DApp development a cakewalk for everyone. This initiative is all about wiping out the tech jargon and coding hurdles, paving a smooth runway for anyone keen on building on the Web3 terrain.

The Nova Round kicked off on September 19 and will run through until September 30, 2023. It’s not just a funding round; it’s a tech carnival celebrating the brains behind the robust developer tooling on Arbitrum, with projects like DexKit actively contributing. πŸŽ‰ And guess what? The Arbitrum community is all in, acknowledging the grunt work of devs who are shaping the future of decentralized applications (DApps).Β 

This Gitcoin gig celebrates the synergies between DexKit, Arbitrum Grants DAO, and the broader Web3 community. It’s about fueling DexKit’s tech-driven ethos, enhancing DexAppBuilder – the toolkit that simplifies DApp development – and fostering a culture of innovation.🌐

The crypto sphere is buzzing 🐝, and the community is rallying behind DexKit as it dives into this new chapter. ✨ If you’re feeling generous and want to support DexKit, visit the link. Your contribution can make a big difference, and you can even donate to other projects if your generosity overflows. πŸ’œ

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and opportunities to be part of the driving force in the expanding world of Web3! πŸ””

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