Exciting Development: João Campos Secures $50K Grant for DexKit

DexKit + 0x

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news: João Campos, our esteemed Head Developer, has been awarded a $50,000 grant from 0x DAO. This funding will enhance our tech offerings, making them more accessible and feature-rich for everyone.

Innovative Marketplace on the Horizon

João and the DexKit team are crafting an open-source marketplace that anyone can deploy. Utilizing the latest 0x contracts (v4), this platform will incorporate advanced tools like Trader SDK and Next JS to ensure a top-tier user experience.

Broad Network Support

Our initial rollout includes support for multiple blockchains like Polygon and Ethereum, ensuring wide accessibility. As more networks adopt 0x v4 contracts, we’ll expand our reach.

A Wallet for All Your Needs

Our new wallet isn’t just for tokens; it’s perfect for artists managing NFT collections, providing a comprehensive solution for selling and showcasing their work.

Exclusive NFT Listings

Create private listings for your NFTs, a feature that’s perfect for game developers needing unique assets for their creations.

Seamless Token Swapping

Our platform supports easy swaps between various token types, enhancing liquidity and user flexibility.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Artists can tailor the platform’s look and feel, ensuring their digital space reflects their style.

Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy

With DexKit, you get a platform that’s not only quick to deploy but also optimized for search engines, making your content more discoverable.

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