The DEXKIT exchange is a next-generation trading tool with advanced features to inform traders and help them execute educated trades. Key points include:

  • Decentralized limit and stop-limit orders
  • Leverage trading
  • Permissionless listing
  • Order book composed with liquidity from several DEX protocols
  • Trading history, depth chart, and trading graphics
  • Gas-Free order placement and cancelation
  • Non-custodial asset management meaning users will have full control of their tokens until the trade is settled.
  • Trading bots that have the ability to place several orders at target prices, ladder orders, and arbitrate between several exchanges with aggregated liquidity.
  • DEXKIT’s core aggregator technology which guarantees the best price for every trade

Additionally, DEXKIT enables hosts to easily launch their own custom exchange. Owners will be able to monitor trading and volume generated on their custom exchange through the intuitive DEXKIT DeFi dashboard app. Many of the advanced features on the exchange require users to hold KIT so pick some upĀ HERE.