Discover the exciting update in our Coin League prediction game!

Coin League with USDT

An extraordinary update has been announced and deployed for our remarkable prediction game, Coin League, where we are undergoing a transition from the native currency, $MATIC, to $USDT on the Polygon network. This strategic move, which was extensively consulted and meticulously planned, aims to ensure fair rewards for prediction winners and enhance their engagement with the platform.

Recognizing the necessity to optimize economic performance for traders and players, this conversion to $USDT on the Polygon network emerged as the most viable solution. It is particularly noteworthy considering that our dedicated team has persistently worked on additional enhancements within the #SuperApp, even amidst a challenging bear market, which may disillusion even the most fervent supporters and compel them to disengage.

Loyal meme
At DexKit we kept our roadmap promises despite bear markets. We're here to stay 👊

USDT 💲 stablecoin: The Gateway to Play and Reward

Please be advised that the USDT contract on the Polygon network remains unchanged [verify it here:].

Coin League game modes
In addition to possessing $USDT to participate, players are required to hold some $MATIC in order to enhance interactions with in-game contracts. I trust you were already aware of this prerequisite, but a friendly reminder never hurts .

Dozens of new tokens join the league! 🚴‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🤸‍♂️

$SHIB$RARI$SLP$PICKLE$OCEAN$KLAY$GHST$FTT$APE and numerous others eagerly line up to compete within the realm of predictions, transforming players into expert traders through regular participation in Coin League.

Coin League price analysis
How can one resist? Competitors must diligently study the markets at specific intervals to decipher the behavior of their assets and triumph over others. The more knowledge acquired, the closer one gets to attaining financial freedom!

Flexibility to Modify Coin Selections!

Certain games may span considerable durations, but now, early participants have the opportunity to adjust their previous selections mere minutes before the game commences. For instance, if you initially chose Bitcoin when joining a 10-person game in the morning, but Ethereum demonstrates stronger performance later in the day, you can now modify your selection 

Coin League dashboard
This feature significantly contributes to a fairer gaming experience. No longer will there be regrets before the game begins; simply alter your competitors, and voilà!

Key Updates

  • Disassociation of BitBoy Crypto’s NFT Collection: It is crucial to acknowledge that the collection of NFT Champions attributed to BitBoy Crypto (Ben Armstrong) and his team has been officially disassociated, as previously communicated by João Campos, Head Developer [refer to the document released earlier]. DexKit no longer supports said collection, and any association between DexKit and that particular NFT collection is hereby nullified.
  • Minor interface fixes, network gas optimization, routing improvement, among others.
Have a nice life meme
Thanks, BitBoy Squad, for all your services and good vibes thru our partnership 🙋‍♂️

Introducing a New-In-Game NFT Collection

DexKit will be developing its own NFT collection, featuring exclusive deals and astonishing skins (we are even considering radical skins for the collection 🤔). We eagerly welcome suggestions on our Discord server. These deals will unlock access to higher in-game earnings, as well as provide players with free NFTs. Furthermore, we plan to implement OATs 👑 (in collaboration with Project Galaxy) as a reward mechanism for top players across various game disciplines.

Project Galaxy
We're working on the OATs collections, so stay tuned! 😎

Supporting the existing Champions NFT holders 👫

As a testament to DexKit’s commitment, we will be airdropping OAT NFTs to each holder after minting #1,000! These unique NFTs will possess exceptional traits that unlock exclusive rewards within the game. Our objective is to establish a reward platform based on achievements, allowing loyal and exceptional players like yourself to earn more crypto than occasional participants.

We’re building building a Fully Gamified and Equitable Prediction HUB, Powered by Smart Contracts and Focused on Learning 🔮⛓

Coin League serves as the inception of this extraordinary journey, which has bestowed upon us an abundance of knowledge encompassing both technical and interpersonal aspects (did you also forge at least one friendship while playing Coin League? 😀). These experiences have propelled us to refine the game to its current state and envision an even brighter future as the foremost PlayTo(L)earn game 🌟.

We’re growing on Discord! 🥳 Join in our chat channel and meet the team behind DexKit. There is a lot of surprises waiting for you! 🎊

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