DexKit will reward the most loyal Coin League players. Are you one of them?

UPDATE: Here is the payment proof for the most loyal players of February. Thanks a lot for playing!

In order to motivate the participation of the community and also attract new players, DexKit team will award, monthly, the first ten places with the most played games in the general rankings. This to incentivize players to increase their game frequency and also looking to benefit the platform increasing traffic and attracting amateur and professional traders to test their skills beyond paper trading, which in such a volatile and profitable market is a loss of time.

Award winning places$BITT on Polygon network (Percentage of reward pool)
6th to 10th6% each one
Users will be rewarded from the reward pool, fed by micro fees generated for each game played. 

Gamers playing Coin League will become successful traders by becoming active.

Predicting the behavior of the markets in certain time patterns is what makes a swing trader successful. By studying the wicks carefully the trader/gamer can know when the trends change and thus get the most out of their operations.

In turn, and to encourage participation through direct invitations, players will be able to create games with their own rules (as shown in the following video) and use the link of the created room to invite their friends. When the room is filled according to the initial requirements, or as the game creator prefers, the game will start and the player who created the room and invited friends will earn an extra percentage of MATIC or BNB according to the network chosen to play. Is important to know also that rewarded players will be the ones that played their games on the Polygon network.

Mint your random Champion NFT and boost your chances in the NFT rooms only for holders.

DexKit’s DeFi tools allow anyone to play! If you have a friend who does not have a state-of-the-art smartphone or a computer, you can still send him the invitation and hw, through Magic’s ERC20 wallet service, can create one without downloading heavy applications on his phone and without browser extensions. Simply use a device with a Chrome-based browser and user-created credentials as shown in this video.

DexKit invites you to become the trader you always wanted to be! Each game played, won or lost, is a lesson, and if you invite your friends to them, you will also get profits.

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