DEXKIT new paths and challenges: NFT marketplace and more.

New challenges require effective methods to overcome them, and DEXKIT team has set out their plans to penetrate new crypto investor markets and maximize project exposure and adoption, this including new technologies to be attached in the almighty DEX aggregator, a real powerful and scalable DeFi tool.

About NFT marketplace ongoing development.

Currently, DEXKIT project is developing the NFT marketplace platform, which will have a myriad of unique features (there is no other NFT marketplace that brings them all together), including the most outstanding: giving users the chance of creating their own NFT marketplaces (perfect for graphic designers / artists), in which they can even regulate gas fees, place scheduled buy/sell operations, choose the crypto pairs with which they want to operate in their collection, among other amenities.

Without a doubt, this ambitious project plans to compete with established NFT markets such as OpenSea, Rarible, WAX, among others, and users could use massively the platform due cheap gas and full customization. Another plus for DEXKIT.

Bring your friends and earn passive incomes.

To achieve the greatness of massive adoption, not only is DEXKIT team required to work for that purpose, but also community members –including you are invited to test our platform and enjoy the advantages of being an early bird: you will be able to bring your friends and earn, passively, from now on, from each trading operation they make. Enter here and copy your referral link within our platform. It is the only thing you need to send to your friends and start your earnings journey.

WordPress integration for creators/artists.

We also know that it is not an easy thing to compete with giant NFT markets such as those mentioned, and that is why the DEXKIT team has also developed a WordPress widget so that designers and NFT creators can place their NFT albums (previously created on our platform) on their WP websites, which serves as the world leader in content managers and enjoys unmatched popularity.

Without a doubt, this has been an excellent idea, so that NFT artists have the right, also, to exhibit their works within their own places, thereby giving more power to the users than to large corporations: the main purpose of decentralization and crypto projects.

Our Social Media to get on touch.

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Don’t forget to check regularly our blog and keep yourself updated too.

We are very happy that you are joining us on this trip! which has been a roller coaster of pleasant surprises and a lot of enthusiasm. DEXKIT team grows because it demands it and now, we can say that we are in every corner of the world, ensuring the proper functioning of the project and the satisfaction of our investors.

Where can I get more information on DEXKIT

Make sure to check out our FAQ page and get the latest information about DexKit from our bi weekly LIVE community updates on our Youtube channel where we announce giveaways, promotions, partnerships, and platform developments. You can also find us on Telegram to chat with the team, community and check out our social media pages from the list at the bottom of the page.