DEXKIT Continues to Show Strength

The past 2 weeks have been a busy time for the DEXKIT team. We have made amazing strides on both the marketing and development fronts. Our community update highlights key marketing campaigns and promotions and how they have positively affected the price of the KIT token as well as added partnerships and features of the upcoming DEXKIT apps.

REMEMBER! Every comment on the video above will be entered in to win 30 KIT tokens! The winner will be announced on the next LIVE community update!

New Partnership with Crypto Crow!

We are incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with the YouTuber Crypto Crow! He is a knowledgeable and brutally honest crypto educator and newscaster that is developing a diverse crypto platform for a broad audience. He has deployed CrowSwap, a “powered by DEXKIT” aggregator that always finds the best price and liquidity across 15+ DEX protocols. The Crypto Crow community is the 2nd to implement BITToken as their native currency. We are proud to have Crypto Crow and his growing community be a part of the growing DEXKIT family. Be sure to check out his platform HERE.

Marketing and Ad Campaigns

DEXKIT is in the middle of a number of MASSIVE marketing and ad campaigns. Our YouTube partnerships with Bitboy Crypto and Voskcoin have continued to drive traffic to our platform. We have launched new ads on Coinzilla, a massive ad network that displays our banners on some of the biggest sites in crypto. Promotions across multiple social apps including Twitter and Instagram have increased our social dominance.

We are continuing to grow our communities across the globe love to engage with our users. Our beta tester telegram group is full of users that are testing out our upcoming applications to help us to make them better. If you are interested in being a beta tester you can join the main TG HERE and request to be added to the testing group.

KIT Breaks ATH!

Our marketing efforts have been bringing us a lot of attention and positive sentiment. Twitter promos have boosted our YouTube subscribers by around 800% and our likes on CoinGecko have increased dramatically along with trending in the search bar. People are starting to see the value that the DEXKIT apps bring to the DeFi ecosystem. Since the last community update that was hosted on 1/22/21 the KIT token has seen a 125% increase in price and a 700% increase from its all-time low of 24c just 2 months ago. The team is working hard to keep this momentum going with new partnerships, promotions, ads, and app developments.

February Airdrop Promo!

AIRDROP ALERT! The first 2000 addresses to BUY at least 25 KIT on any “powered by DEXKIT” aggregator and HOLD throughout the month of February will be eligible to claim an airdrop of 25 KIT tokens when the claim is opened in March! It is important to understand that the swap MUST be made with a DEXKIT aggregator and the tokens must be held through the month of February. Our aim is to increase our number of holders and show a large number of investors that there is value in holding the KIT token! Head over to the aggregator to buy KIT!


The aggregator continues to perform well with a continued uptrend in trading volume. Over the past 30 days at the time of the live-stream, the platform has seen almost $6M in volume! This is in spite of the fact that the number of active traders and number of trades has decreased. This divergence highlights one of the key parts of how the aggregator operates.

Many tokens on decentralized protocols have multiple sources of liquidity. This can cause problems for people who are looking to buy large amounts of tokens. Let’s say you are going to make a swap that is going to give you 5% ownership over the total amount of tokens in a liquidity pool. This means that you are going to subject yourself to high slippage, your buy will be put in at a higher price, and you can be exploited by bots that will profit from differences in prices from other sources.

The above comparison shows how a trade of 10 ETH for BAND gives you ~3% more tokens. When using the DEXKIT aggregator, you can rest easy knowing that you will always get the best price and liquidity for your trade. This advanced DEX tool searches over 15 sources including Uniswap and fills your swap through whichever source gives you the most tokens and lowest slippage. The aggregator can also fill your trade through multiple sources at once which further lowers your slippage and increases your profitability. Be sure to make all of your DEX swaps HERE.


The DEXKIT advanced DEX exchange continues to develop with a main-net release right around the corner. Beta testers have been successfully placing limit orders and everything is fully functional. There are a few features that still need to be improved and data sources that must be connected, but once these functions have been perfected, users will be able to use the exchange for real! We have improved the flow of limit ordering and have been taking feedback from the community to improve the overall user experience.

A key feature of the exchange is the option to place limit orders without a gas fee. This achieved because the app leverages underlying 0x technology to perform a wallet-to-wallet swap through the cross-protocol order book making the “taker” of the transaction pay the gas fee. The feature is a revolutionary way to bring CEX order types to decentralized exchange protocols and will save users time and money when trading. There are a number of advanced features that will also be deployed such as leverage trading and even arbitrage trading bots.


The DEXKIT dashboard is an all-in-one super app designed to make managing cryptocurrency portfolios easy. It replaces existing analytics platforms such as CoinGecko and DEXTools with advanced cross-protocol and cross-chain explorers that provide in-depth data for all of your favorite tokens, pairs, and protocols. The app also houses a multicurrency wallet that can hold ETH, BTC, and DOT based currencies. Along with detailed analytics, the platform also allows users to perform swaps, deploy branded DEXKIT tools, and monitor their DeFi holdings. The Dashboard is also a portal for affiliates to keep tabs on their deployed apps including aggregators, NFT marketplaces, and DEX exchanges. It is an extremely powerful tool that aims to benefit creators, traders, and holders with its valuable features and ease of use.

Our development team has just updated the DEXKIT Github with code for our “transformer” KITs. These ‘KITs’ will change the way that people manage their complex DeFi positions. Let’s say you hold AAVE tokens for DAI but you notice that Compound is offering a better rate for USDC. Ordinarily, you would have to withdraw your tokens form the AAVE platform, convert DAI to USDC, send your coins to Compound, and then perform another transaction to get COMP tokens. DEXKIT is creating a revolutionary new tool using powerful 0x technology that will allow users to convert DeFi tokens quickly and easily in a single transaction.

This is an extremely exciting prospect for the DeFi space as a whole considering the fact that mass adoption of these cutting-edge financial instruments relies heavily on them being simple and easy to use. Our development team encourages anyone that has a development background to make contributions to our repositories. We believe that collaborating on these tools will make them even better and bring a great deal of value to the DeFi space as a whole.

NFT Marketplace

The DEXKIT NFT marketplace is a white-label tool that will allow creators and collectors to host their own exchange where users can buy and sell NFTs. App hosts can customize the look and feel of their exchange, adjust fee structures, and also choose which currencies they accept. The platform can be integrated into any WordPress enabled webpage, making it easily deployed on existing sites. DEXKIT’s marketplace is for creators, collectors, and traders that are looking to host and profit from their collections.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have huge potential when it comes to the future of WEB3 and our digital identities. These assets are unique lines of code that can be artwork, trading cards, and in-game items, that can have unique utility within ecosystems. As humans live more and more of their lives online, things like virtual reality breathe life into these assets and they become more valuable to collectors and traders.

From ‘CryptoPunks’ to ‘CryptoKitties’, dapp platforms continue to find new ways to create value within NFTs. It is estimated that in Dec 2020 ALONE there was over $8.2M in trading volume for crypto art. This figure doesn’t even include other NFT assets besides artwork. NFTs will continue to develop and benefit from increased adoption and interest in the greater crypto ecosystem.

What’s Next?

The DEXKIT marketing and development teams are hard at work to maintain our positive momentum. New social media promotions, ad campaigns, and partnerships are being released to increase our exposure and audience. We are excited about our February airdrop promotion, and we hope that all 2000 wallets will buy and hold throughout the month. Our app demos continue to add more features and the advanced DEX exchange will be deployed on the main net extremely soon.

On a personal note, it has been amazing to see how this project has grown since November, and it is thanks in large part to our fantastic community. We are extremely grateful for all of your support. We will continue working to bring value to users of the platform and we can’t wait for you to start using our products!

Where can I get more information on DEXKIT

Make sure to check out our FAQ page and get the latest information about DexKit from our bi weekly LIVE community updates on our Youtube channel where we announce giveaways, promotions, partnerships, and platform developments. You can also find us on Telegram to chat with the team, community and check out our social media pages from the list at the bottom of the page.