The DEXKIT dashboard is an all-in-one crypto “super app” that connects all implemented toolKIT features in one place. It also hosts a next-generation wallet, portfolio manager, and crypto explorer. The dashboard features:

  • Management of all created apps: Aggregators, Exchanges and Marketplaces
  • Consolidation of affiliate links
  • An integrated swap feature that is built into the multicurrency wallet
  • An analytics explorer that pools information from multiple DEX protocols, tokens, chains, and trading pairs helping users to easily monitor the best-performing assets
  • Transformer Kits that can execute multiple DeFi actions at once exploiting multiple farming and staking opportunities.

The DEXKIT dashboard will be the central hub for the full suite of DEXKIT tools. The toolKIT will allow owners to customize the user experience and implement advanced features into existing websites. Many of these features are ONLY available to KIT token holders to be sure to pick some up HERE.

Check out the app DEMO HERE