Generate thousands of dollars of daily market volume for your project with a couple of clicks

Automated Trading Bot

A new invention has just been published in DexKit’s public repository 👨‍💻. Project’s main developer João Campos has created a new solution that will help crypto entrepreneurs from day one to get the required market volume data and get listed on fundamental metrics pages such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Nomics, among others.

Oh yes you can! From token creation wizard to complete decentralized trading solutions with affiliate earnings 🤑

What this tool does?

DexKit’s Market Maker bot is an automated trading bot capable of buying and selling any preconfigured tokens in order to maintain a minimum trading volume with waaaaaaaaaay lower cost than conventional market makers. This bot operates in a fully decentralized way (inside 0x Protocol), which means that it is not the typical “market maker” bot that centralized exchanges are plenty of.

It is secure to use?

Very secure. Users will be able to control wallet seed all the time, along with other settings such as buying and selling frequency, amounts, etc., giving them freedom to play with it and generate enough market volume for tracking, or just improve trader’s DCA strategy.

Make them work for you in the simplest way.

About network compatibility

DexKit’s Market Maker bot is compatible with Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Celo, Avalanche, Fantom and Optimism networks. Users will be able to run the bot from any computer directly from the console, VPS or dApp hosting (Heroku, Replit, among others), and very soon it will be included within DexKit’s platform to be operated from a simple interface. Users must fill the wallet with the two pair coins they want to trade (KIT and USDC for example) and MATIC Polygon network is preferred in order to pay gas fees.

You’re right! All those transactions are on-chain! 👀

Where can I download it?

Get it today from the project’s Github repository. Fork it, download your copy and enjoy this great idea that can help your project in unimaginable ways. Give the repo an ⭐ if you liked it and keep updated about DexKit’s incoming tools for everyone.

There are nice and simple instructions in the file. Do all the steps according your needs and your bot will be ready to go in minutes! For troubleshooting just send a request on GitHub or contact us in any of our available communication channels.

Thank you for reading, and we invite you to follow DexKit in all Social Media to keep updated with more DeFi innovations. 👋

Get your trading bot free copy here:










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