Coin League version 2 is here! Come take a look

Coin League stadium

DEXKIT team is pleased to announce the Version 2 of their first blockchain game: Coin League, aiming to improve some things from the version 1, fixing minor bugs and adding more features in the game showcase.

There is a list with the changes made on the game:

About time and dates…

  • Starting games at defined time: some rooms will start the game automatically at certain date and time, so waiting times will decrease a lot.
  • Games can start with only 2 players at defined time, even if the game supports 50 players: This avoids the later advantage of users joining. Remember crypto volatile market, so team did this to make the game fairest possible.

About the number of players…

The more, the merrier: big crew there? Bring it on! We will host larger rooms up to 25 and 50 players, so no one will be left out.

About game start and finish rules…

  • Everyone can create games: Do you want to compete only against your acquaintances? now you can create your own game room and invite them using the unique code.
  • Automatic bots are still doing claims, starting and ending games, but now for time-sensitive games: Users can as well trigger the end and start games and not depend of the bot. If transaction fails it is because the bot triggered the start before the user.

What for NFT Champion holders?

  • NFT room: use the NFT Champion to boost the in-game captain coin: Holding 50 $KIT or 200 $BITT (on the Polygon network) also boost the multiplier to 1.3x, so the multiplier will be the Champion multiplier plus the holding multiplier.

Other improvements / Beta features…

  • UI tweaks, including a new Trading Analysis section where users can view up to four cryptocurrencies (all contestants in the game), at the same time, and analyze their behavior to perform better in their games.
  • Game creators and per join will get affiliate rewards if using the affiliate link: This feature still in beta mode, so the team will give later more detailed information about this feature that will make the users earn passive incomes.

Exclusive prizes for games on these rooms will be announced too!

Getting a Champion NFT will assure the users exclusive rewards in the future and early spots for incoming DEXKIT innovations.

What’s Next?

  • NFT League Battles: Battle with others players using the NFT. As result, the user will have multipliers 1-1000x and can choose between Bull and Bear, on 5 min up to 1 hour duration games.

Confident on $DOGE mooning? For example, you can use 1000x multiplier on a Bull game and call a player to fight with you. Attack, defense and run, it will give a percentage of the battle winnings too. Earn from every feature of your NFT Champion.

  • Incoming tournaments: New challenges with big prizes, some of them will be exclusive for NFT holders.
  • SquidLeague game: Enter in six-rounds prediction challenges, winners split the pot of the losers, fairly.

You can still visit the V1 version of Coin League on this link.

Enter in the Coin League Discord server and meet new rivals and friends!

Follow Coin League on Twitter.

Where can I get more information on DEXKIT

Make sure to check out our FAQ page and get the latest information about DexKit from our bi weekly LIVE community updates on our Youtube channel where we announce giveaways, promotions, partnerships, and platform developments. You can also find us on Telegram to chat with the team, community and check out our social media pages from the list at the bottom of the page.