Coin League: Earn Stablecoins and Win Big in Monthly Jackpot Games with DexKit!

Jackpot Game by DexKit

DexKit has developed strategic plans to enable all aspiring traders (including those with traction) to earn stablecoins by participating in Coin League, making it their favorite educational and profitable game. Let’s grab a cup of coffee ☕ together.

Starting from September 1st, 2022, Monthly Jackpot Games will be held! (and repeated on the 1st of each month, based on the interest generated by this initiative). These games offer a chance to win a prize pool of 500 USDT* (click here to enter).

*The final prize amount will be determined by the total number of players. For every group of ten players, DexKit will contribute an additional 50 $USDT, increasing the prize to 100 $USDT (10 players * 10 $USDT each) plus an extra 50 $USDT (bonus from DexKit’s team), to be divided among the top three winners. This pattern continues for every additional group of ten players, so if the room is filled with fifty players, the winners will share 750 $USDT. This initiative is expected to attract numerous interested individuals who are eager to play and earn through referrals.

Coin League Race
You're gonna see how cool those races are! Anyone can win! 🥁🤯

The first jackpot game, called “bull game” 🐂, will run for one month, and the entry fee will be 10 $USDT on Polygon (plus minimal $MATIC fees). Future months may vary based on a public poll conducted on Coin League’s Twitter. Price trends may also vary, so we should adapt accordingly

We care a lot all bears out there 🐻

Nay to play, but yay to earn?

Through Coin League, users can earn cryptocurrency without even playing! If you know people who might enjoy the game, invite them to play using your referral link, and you’ll start earning from the moment they join.

Calculus meme
Imagine how much you can earn if your favorite Crypto Youtuber knows about the game by your affiliate link 👀

Users still have time to join and secure their position! If your initial selections are no longer the best before the game starts, you can change them as long as there is time left. This ensures a level playing field for all participants. The participant with the most accurate prediction will win 🔮

Coin League also provides documentation, so don’t hesitate to take a look before you start playing.

DexKit wishes you the best of luck 🤗, and once again, thank you for making Coin League the first Play(2)Learn platform: fair, educational, and profitable.

In case you missed the Jackpot game link, here it is

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