Build Your Own Crypto Business with Ease – Introducing the Latest Update to DexAppBuilder


In recognition of our commitment to creating decentralized tools that empower our clients and users with genuine and unencumbered ownership of their assets, we have implemented a range of enhancements in the latest update of our NFT marketplace builder, making it truly distinctive in its approach.

However, before diving into the exciting new features, we would like to announce that we have christened our NFT marketplace builder as DexAppBuilder, your CMS for web3, enabling you to build exceptional decentralized applications for your business.

This latest update includes a guided tour that progressively explains everything you need to know, so no need to worry! Here are the new features that we have added, give them a look:

  • A light and powerful DEX aggregator, which can be easily built using the DexSwap. Additionally, you can set default slippage percentage and tokens, and it now supports all CoinGecko listed tokens in the search bar. One of the best features is that it now has more than 40 liquidity sources through 0x API.
  • Enhanced blockchain compatibility with Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, and Arbitrum taking dozens of liquidity sources from 0x API.
  • Pre-built interfaces and community designs are available for those who are too busy to design their own.
  • An Express NFT Store that allows you to showcase your best NFT offers or discounts. You no longer need to display all of your collections residing in your NFT marketplace if you only want to sell some of your digital collectibles. With DexNFTShop just choose the ones you want to sell and display them easily, like Shopify but with NFTs.
  • Your CryptoApp is now entirely yours (until you choose to sell or transfer it). No one will be able to clone your crypto apps if you minted them as NFTs. This will let you sell them on any decentralized marketplace, providing you with the opportunity to earn by selling your customized designs to others, respecting your time and design efforts.
  • Easy filtering enables you to display or hide any element and keep all the crypto apps and features you want to see.
  • A Global Preview button that allows you to preview all changes easily after saving your progress during the design process. This provides you with flexibility and boosts your productivity when designing.

Our most recent update transforms our product into a robust partner for modern-day digital entrepreneurs who require powerful tools without the inconvenience that is often associated with advanced – and centralized – alternatives.

Visit the documentation for this product to start your crypto business with DexKit today or visit our YouTube channel and watch the how-to videos.

If your requirement goes beyond the features of our products, feel free to reach us on any of those meanings or visit our Discord server. The main team is there and your requirement will be quickly answered.

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