Announcement about Coin League future

Coin League is excited to announce its support for USDT as the primary currency for gameplay, marking a significant milestone in our journey. After undergoing successful beta testing for several weeks, we are now ready to share the next steps, current status, and future plans.

Originally conceived at the request of the BitBoy team and DexKit as the designated tech company, Coin League has experienced massive changes. BitBoy, however, has decided to discontinue its involvement in the project, prompting DexKit to assume full responsibility. Despite facing challenges during the bear market, we have persevered and continued to build. To express their gratitude to Coin League NFT owners, BitBoy will airdrop a BitBoy Land share NFT.

Moving forward, the NFT Coin League Champions collection will no longer be supported and will be removed from the game. We will explicitly indicate its discontinuation on OpenSea and subsequently shut down all related assets and servers.

The BitBoy team received 50% of NFT sales and 50% of the initial game revenue, along with 1000 NFTs for airdropping to non-game-related communities. These allocations were distributed as follows: 16.7% to the DexKit dev team, 32% to other Coin League team members responsible for marketing coordination (resulting in 82% collection ownership). The NFT designer was also compensated. As the collection’s ownership is associated with the BitBoy team, we do not possess control over it.

Despite our request for the 50% of BitBoy funds generated from NFT sales to maintain the use case of revenue share distribution, they have already been expended. Consequently, we must discontinue this use case. It was initially included at the behest of the BitBoy team, and without the necessary funds, it no longer serves a purpose. However, should BitBoy decide to return the funds, we will airdrop a new NFT revenue share collection with governance powers, limited to a maximum supply of 2,000 on the Polygon Network for each purchased NFT. In return, the BitBoy team will airdrop 1 NFT BitBoy Land share for each NFT with an ID higher than 1,000.

The Coin League Champions NFT collection will be succeeded by a new collection that features additional character options and gamification elements, with the NFT’s experience accumulating based on wins. This experience will unlock raffles and traits to customize the user’s gaming Avatar. The new collection will be accessible at an affordable price, and we will establish a dedicated marketplace to empower all NFT owners.

DexKit is assuming control over all Coin League game assets, taking into account the considerable resources we invested in its development, which were not covered by NFT sales. As a token of our appreciation, we will airdrop one NFT from the new collection to all previous buyers of Champion NFTs. Rest assured, we are aware of those who eagerly minted their Champion NFTs and eagerly await their rewards.

Furthermore, we are building a Predictions HUB, designed to be a joyful space for people to learn about crypto while engaging in gameplay. We are pioneering the concept of “Play to (L)Earn,” emphasizing fairness as our guiding principle.

The Predictions HUB, known as Coinlympia, will expand to include more games, such as Coin League, NFT League, and Squid League. We anticipate significant traction for this project as we unveil our forthcoming developments.

To promote the launch of the USDT game, we are offering a prize pool of up to 250 USDT (with an additional 50 USDT top-up for every group of 10 players) on a monthly basis. We are excited to introduce these monthly games, bringing more excitement to our community.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to BitBoy for the collaborations we have had thus far. Moving forward, DexKit will continue to forge ahead, relentlessly building in this bear market, with the hope that our community will support and nurture our growth.

If you have any concerns, suggestions, or would like to engage in further discussion, please join our Discord community. We welcome your input and value your presence.

Would you like to collaborate with DexKit's GameFi division?

Our GameFi initiative allocates 10% of each played game’s earnings to the treasury. From this amount, we cover maintenance costs, including hosting and development upkeep. Out of the remaining profit, 50% is distributed among DexKit token holders, while the other 50% is unallocated. We are committed to allocating 50% of this value towards community development and growth.

If you share our vision and wish to contribute to the project’s expansion and community growth, we encourage you to reach out to us at DexKit. We envision GameFi operating in a decentralized manner, fostering a passionate community of prediction gamers and traders. To provide transparency, we will create a dedicated page within DexKit’s app, showcasing the income flows and allowing easy tracking of each sponsor’s contribution to the game’s total revenue.

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