With millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being traded on DEXs daily, how do you find the best price and the healthiest liquidity?

The Problem – DEXs do not offer enough transparency when it comes to price impact, liquidity pools, and slippage tolerance.

The Solution – DEXKIT’s Swap aggregator.

With DEXKIT, trading cryptocurrencies is easier and more profitable than ever before. The aggregator searches 13 DEXs simultaneously to find the best price with the healthiest liquidity, all with an easy to use Uniswap-style interface. The swap aggregator is DEXKIT’s flagship offering; the first in the suite of advanced, decentralized tools that no cryptocurrency investor should be without.

Users who are familiar with swap sites will feel right at home when they see the interface. In the background, DEXSWAP is quickly scanning the following DEXs: 0x, Balancer, Bancor, Curve, DODO, Kyber, Mooniswap, mStable, Oasis, Shell, Sushiswap, Swerve and Uniswap. DEXKIT always picks whichever DEX hosts the best price and liquidity to execute the swap. The result is that traders will end up with more tokens for their trade. Guaranteed.

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Best Prices

Get best prices from over 15 liquidity sources

Permissionless listings

Support any ERC20 token

Mobile Friendly

Simple and mobile friendly the way it should be.