0x Powers the Most Advanced DEX on ETH

If you’ve been watching our live community updates for the past few months you know that the advanced DEX app has unique features that you can’t find anywhere else. Upon release, users will be able to place limit orders WITHOUT PAYING AN ETH GAS FEE. How is this possible?

0x just announced V4 of their protocol. For anyone that missed it, the updates make 0x the MOST EFFICIENT DEX PROTOCOL on the Ethereum network. This is extremely exciting for DEXKIT because 0x is the engine that powers the DEXKIT toolKIT. Our aggregator is the base upon which our other apps will be built. The efficient routing algorithms facilitated by the 0x protocol allow our apps to access liquidity and analytics from almost any DEX protocol.

The Advanced DEX is the next layer that runs on top of the DSwap aggregator. Market orders are run through the aggregator, ensuring that your order gets you the most tokens at the best price. Limit orders on the DEX can be placed GAS FREE. This is because the DEX does not take custody of your funds, and tokens are only released when your order price is reached. At that point, a WALLET TO WALLET swap is performed in which the TAKER pays the gas fee. This is a unique and innovative way to limit the amount of gas that is spent for any given transaction.

The powerful underlying aggregator technology also provides DEX users with a cross-protocol order book and trading history. It will feature a full trading chart and allow users to select their favorite liquidity sources and token pairs. There will also be future integrations like trading bots, leverage, and more order types.

All of this culminates in the MOST ADVANCED DEX on the Ethereum network. The power of this tool cannot be understated.

Join us for our next community update on 3/5/21 at 22:00 UTC!

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Where can I get more information on DEXKIT

Make sure to check out our FAQ page and get the latest information about DexKit from our bi weekly LIVE community updates on our Youtube channel where we announce giveaways, promotions, partnerships, and platform developments. You can also find us on Telegram to chat with the team, community and check out our social media pages from the list at the bottom of the page.